Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Our next stop on our journey was Interlaken. We booked pretty last minute so the only thing I could really find for us was a hotel just outside Lauterbrunnen. It was located above a restaurant but reviews said the area was fairly quiet so we decided to just go with it. The pictures showed a gorgeous view but you that is always the view from the penthouse that no commoner can afford. Here is a little disclaimer… The drive in is super scary. Like a winding tunnel that is only made for one car but it isn’t a one way road kinda scary.  NO ONE mentioned this in the reviews. I am glad no one did because it would have probably deterred us and kept us from the most amazing 2 days we have had in the past 15 months here. The hotel is called Hotel Waldrand. Karin and Marcus are the hosts and are wonderful people. Karin took us to our room and opened the doors to this…


Absolutely breathtaking and worth the drive for sure! We spent the day hanging around the hotel. There were a few walking trails and hills for the kids to run around on.

The next day we headed up Schyinge Platte. We took an hour train ride up and was greeted by two lovely alphorn players as we departed the train.

We walked around for a few hours and enjoyed a picnic lunch. We even visited with a few cows. One got a little too close for comfort…

The views from here were spectacular. We could have spent all day there. Such an amazing place to visit.

Before our departure, the kids got to try the alphorn. Hunter was really good! Hailey and I really struggled with it , Ha! We celebrated with a little ice cream.

Our hotel was right next to the Isenfluh/Seewald cable car. They had scooters at the top that have huge wheels to ride back down the mountain called Monster Trotti’s. These were so fun!  We got to see some beautiful scenery on the way down.

We spent a lot time hanging out on the balcony, relaxing and soaking in the view. I hope we get an opportunity to go back one day!


Ciao for now!


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